Street food markets have cooked their way into modern culture- one glorious dish after another. All around the world people have grown to love the atmosphere, experience, variety and quality these markets relentlessly offer. A new wave of culinary talent has embraced the street food credo, carrying the experience of enjoying great food to a new dimension.

At Streatup! We take this credo to new heights. Our aim: create the perfect food hub. Our mission: provide the ideal marketplace for vendors, event organizers and foodies all around to find exactly what they need, to help them achieve their true potential. We have taken it upon ourselves to take the way the street food market works to a whole new level, to broaden its horizons.

Our raison d’etre is based on the following principles:

  1. Connecting the masterminds: There are few certainties in this life, but one we wholly support is that when the best and brightest connect, good things happen. Whether you are an organizer looking for the greatest vendors in town or a vendor on a quest to participate in the best events, Streatup! is the way to go. Create your profile (we make it extremely easy for you) and you can browse through vendors and organizers, and book vendors or apply to participate in events.
  2. Organize, simplify, perfect, and secure: Let us sweat over the small stuff. We provide an online payment method to avoid messy cash transactions, making it way easier and more secure for everyone involved. We make sure permits are in order. We make it easy to check which requirements are needed in order to participate in events. We make it easy to see which vendor best suits the needs for an event. Book a vendor, apply for an event, settle the transaction. Then focus on what you do best, we got you covered.
  3. Be THE food hub. We talked about connecting the masterminds behind the coolest events, but there’s another element vital to their success: The people. They are the soul, the substance. We want them in as well. We’ll blog, we’ll post, and best of all, we’ll make sure they know when and where the next crazy good event will take place.

These are the principles that will guide us day and night. Every decision, every act, every step we take will be done following these guidelines.

Join the StrEater community, and enjoy. Stay tuned, we’ll be posting the details soon. We’ll talk about vendor perks, organizer advantages, and everything food related out there.

Welcome to StreatUp!